The ship


If you want to build a ship

don't herd people together to collect wood

and don't assign them tasks and work,

but rather teach them to long for the

endless immensity of the sea.


"Antoine de Saint Exupery"

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Once upon a time, winemakers prepared their daughters for sales and hospitality roles while they groomed their sons to take over from them in the vineyard. Now, women are more prominent than ever in winemaking.

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Scarecrows, raptors and robotic facsimiles, propane cannons, reflective flags, netting — farmers have been trying all kinds of methods over the centuries to keep birds from turning their hard work into a feast just as the crop is ready for market. One North Coast grower decided to bring in the lasers.

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The Top Ten Grape Varieties In The World






Which grape variety is the World's favorite? Not what you think!

Would you be surprised if I told you that the most grown grape variety in the world is Kyoho? Probably. That is because all grapes are not grown for winemaking. Some are destined to be table grapes or to be dried or to be turned into grape juice. For these purposes, entirely different varieties are used. Most common are Kyoho in China and Sultanina in the US. Some rare ones are used for both wine and for eating, such as Muscat and Chasselas.

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‘It could be iconic’ – quality high as Champagne faces early vintage.....








Champagne is facing its fourth August harvest in the past 15 years as the recent heatwave continues – but 2018 could turn out to be an ‘iconic’ vintage, with quality described as ‘very promising’ so far.

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